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Newmarket Rental Property

November 28th, 2014 · Newmarket Rental Property, Selling Newmarket Rental Property

Newmarket landlords 57 Longford $448,000

57 Longford sold for $448,000 in November 2014

How You Can Make Sure You Sell Your Newmarket Rental Property For the Best Price

Newmarket continues to grow quickly and that’s good news for landlords and property investors.

Davis Drive is finally beginning to show signs of being completed. And for all the delays and frustration while it’s being constructed when it’s completed it will be an incredible improvement for Newmarket. Not only will we have a modern artery to move from east to west, it will lead to more commercial business investment and better public transportation.

Better transportation and more investment will mean more jobs and that will lead more people to want to make Newmarket their home. For landlords and property investors, this means more people will come to Newmarket in 2015 looking to rent and a larger tenant pool.

With all the construction leading to a huge new look and economic expansion many experienced landlords and Realtors are saying ‘Newmarket is the next Richmond Hill” or even better. The future of Newmarket looks good.

Selling Your Newmarket Rental Property

Even though the future of Newmarket looks good and there will be more jobs, better public transportation and more tenants, some landlords and investors want to sell their rental properties.

Why Do Newmarket Landlords Want To Sell Their Rentals?

There are many reasons.

1. Rental Property Price Appreciation

Many landlords and investors who own properties in Newmarket have seen some really fantastic appreciation over the past five years. Some properties have even doubled in price compared to fifteen years ago. Other properties are now selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars more compared to 2008-2009.

This means some landlords want to sell to cash out and enjoy the money they made off of this house appreciation.

2. Looking For Larger Investment Properties

Many landlords start off with a duplex or single family home with a basement unit. They have learned what it takes to become a successful landlord and want to move on to larger income properties. They decide to buy larger multiplex houses or even small buildings.

3. Had Enough With Bad Tenants

Newmarket is filled with good tenants…and also filled with bad tenants who know how to manipulate the system. While professional landlords who screen their tenants carefully (including a credit check) do well, some new landlords who don’t screen right end up with bad tenants.

These bad tenants can make your life incredibly stressful. They might not pay rent or pay rent late each month. They argue with other tenants. They might bring in lots of pets (even though you rented to them as a ‘no pet property’) or worse. You add this in with the unprofessional circus-like environment at Landlord Tenant Board hearings in Newmarket and some people feel they are just not up to being landlords in Ontario. They want to sell and move and do something else.

How To Sell Your Newmarket Rental Property For the Best Price?

Buying and selling residential property in Canada is far from being consumer friendly. Real estate agents control the MLS system (which is used to advertise properties) and they guard it carefully.

Complaints to the Canada Competition Bureau might lead to some changes in the future, but the reality is that at the moment the system gives real estate agents a lot of power and especially hurts real estate sellers.

How Much Should I List My House For?

For example, if you want to sell your house how can you know how much you should list it for?

With the current flawed system sellers don’t have access to ‘comparable’ properties in your area that have sold. You have to contact a real estate agent and they will use their closed system to look things up and then give you their opinion on how much to sell your property for.

Warning! Should I Trust My Real Estate Agent?

Some real estate agents are honest and will give you a good recommendation for a selling price. The problem is that others do not.

You have to realize that most real estate agents who will sell your property are going to get 2.5% of the sale price. What this means is there isn’t a huge dollar value to them if your house sells for $20,000 to $50,000 more or less.

What is important to them is the house “sells.” Because if it sells it means they get their commission.

When a house sells, it also means these types of real estate agents can pocket their fees from you and they don’t have to spend any more time with you and look for their next victim…ummmm, next clent.

What Does This Mean For Landlords Who Want to Sell Their Rental Property?

It means a couple of important points.

1. Low Listing Price and a Quick Sale

There is no incentive for the real estate agent to sell your property at the highest price. In fact, there is an incentive for real estate agents to “low ball” you and try to list your rental property cheap. Why? If they list it cheap they will make sure it sells (they get their commission)! As we just mentioned a lower listing price usually leads to a quicker sale. 

2. Sellers Are Blind

Because non real estate agents don’t have access to the prices that other properties sold for in the area a real estate agent can ‘low ball’ you and you don’t even know you are being low balled!

We have even heard of situations where a real estate agent has selected a few comparable properties in the area that have sold for the lowest prices to give to the house seller. They only give the lowest comparable properties and conveniently don’t give information about properties on the street or in the area which sold at much higher prices. This way it’s easier to justify a lower selling price.

Newmarket Rental Properties Are Now Selling For High Prices

Don’t get ripped off by an unscrupulous real estate agent who undervalues your property to get a quick sale and a quick commission!

Newmarket landlords selling their investment properties need to be very careful who they hire as their real estate agent and be diligent in learning the true market for Newmarket rental properties.

Things have changed in Newmarket over the past few years and no decent duplex with a basement apartment should ever sell for less than $400,000 in today’s market.

281 Silverbirch Dr., Newmarket ON – This property sold for $458,500 in July 2014. It's also in the Patch area.

281 Silverbirch Dr., Newmarket ON – This property sold for $458,500 in July 2014. It’s also in the Patch area.

Unfortunately we still see some real estate agents listing rental properties far below what they should be listed for.

Things Your Newmarket Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here’s an idea of what actual prices are in Newmarket for rental properties.

57 Longford Drive, Newmarket Ontario

Newmarket landlords 57 Longford $448,000

$448,000 for this little semi in one of the worst areas of Newmarket!

This property is in what experienced Newmarket landlords call the ‘Patch.’ It’s a huge rental area that has traditionally been know to be run down.

In fact, it’s generally considered to be one of the worst neighbourhoods in Newmarket.

This little semi-detached at 57 Longford Dr. Newmarket, with an unregistered basement apartment, sold for $448,000 in November 2014! Ask real estate agent to give you a copy of the listing: MLS # N3030704

Newmarket Landlords Be Careful We see huge price differentials in properties being sold in Newmarket

The reality is there have many duplexes in Newmarket that have sold for well over $400,000 in the summer and fall of 2014.

Unfortunately we still see houses that are being listed far under market value in Newmarket. We see houses that are comparable to the two examples we provides (which sold for $458,500 and $448,000) being listed for tens of thousands of dollars less!

Contact Real Estate Agents In Other Areas, Not Just In Newmarket

Why not call a few real estate agents in Markham and Richmond Hill and ask them what they would list your property for. Don’t only rely on Newmarket real estate agents only. Make sure you shop around! Because there are tens of thousands of dollars at stake and don’t get ‘low-balled” and sell cheap. 

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Newmarket & Aurora Landlords – Run Tenant Credit Checks The Right Way To Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants

September 25th, 2014 · Aurora landlords, credit check, Newmarket landlords

 Newmarket landlords tenant credit check

Equifax Canada Warns Landlords to Only Run Credit Checks on Tenants Through an Approved Tenant Credit Check Provider Such As TVS as You Cannot Use A Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent or Other Friend to Run Credit Checks For you.

Successful Newmarket landlords and landlords in Aurora and the surrounding area know the important of running a credit check on tenants before you rent to them.

After all a credit check will provide you with a ton of information on a potential tenant and give you the information you need to avoid ‘professional tenants’ who will avoid paying you rent and even leaving trash behind when they move or even thousands of dollars in repair costs.

With the price of investment properties rising fast in Newmarket (if you list with a Richmond Hill or Toronto real estate agent) it’s more important than ever to find qualified tenants for your expensive rental property.

What Can Happen If You Rent To Someone Without Proper Tenant Screening?

There was a recent situation that a Peterborough landlord faced that lots of veteran Newmarket and Aurora landlords (and Keswick and Barrie) know all about.

The landlord didn’t screen the tenant carefully (no credit check) and after the tenant moved in he stopped paying rent.

It took the landlords months to evict the tenant because the Landlord and Tenant Board is so slow.

When the tenant eventually moved out, the landlord went into the property and saw a huge mess and damages that will cost thousands of dollars out of his pocket!

Rules for Landlords to Run Credit Checks on Tenants

Running credit checks is important for landlords.  Nowadays BC landlords are running credit checks even though they can charge a pet deposit and a damage deposit. It’s still worth it to them to rent to good tenants because bad tenants can lead to losses far more than the deposit.

Even in a pro-business province Alberta landlords are running credit checks before signing a lease with tenants.

Be careful!

But many landlords are using ‘friends’ who are mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bank tellers, car dealers, or insurance brokers to run credit checks on their potential tenants.

While this may have been a normal way of conducting business in the past the rules have changed and small landlords (and their friends) need to be aware of the changes and the risks involved.

It’s Worth It To Run Credit Checks on Tenants The Right Way

Let’s look what Equifax Canada says:

#1 Can I include a waiver clause in my application that allows them to use a ‘friend’?


The service agreement signed by EACH of our members clearly articulates that they will not “share” a credit file with another entity: the credit file is for their exclusive use ONLY.

Any entity that does share is in violation of this agreement.

#2 What Can Tenants Do If a Landlord Runs an Unauthorized Tenant Credit Check?

Some tenants complain they have a ‘credit hit’ on their credit reports from mortgage agents, insurance agents, etc. which they never agreed to (as they only wanted to rent an apartment).

#3 How can tenants get these unauthorized credit hits off their records?


Due to privacy legislation, once Equifax delivers a file to a member, we MUST post an inquiry (by law).

As such, we do not remove these inquiries as they are factual and the consumer has a legal right to know their file has been disclosed.

#4 What Actions Can Tenants Take for Unauthorized Credit Checks?

Some tenants who have credit hits from people they never authorized have asked if they should contact the Ministry of Consumer Services to make formal complaints that their credit data was obtained fraudulently. They would like advice on this.


Yes, they should contact the Ministry of Consumer Services who will launch an investigation.

They can reach also reach Equifax directly at the following telephone numbers to lodge a complaint and we will do an investigation:

English: 1-866-828-5961

French: 1-877-323-2598

How To Run A Credit Check On Renters?

Make sure you use a licensed and legal credit check provider to run credit checks on your potential renters.

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for only a low one-time registration fee of $99 and start running Equifax credit checks on potential renters in minutes!

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Newmarket Landlords – Selling Your Rental Property?

August 4th, 2014 · Latest News, Newmarket landlords, Selling Newmarket Rental Property

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON - This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it's in the "patch". It was sold by a Richmond Hill based real estate agent!

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON – This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it’s in the “patch”. It was sold by a Richmond Hill based real estate agent not a Newmarket real estate agent!

Newmarket Landlords – Make Sure You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Rental Property! Contact Realtors in Richmond Hill and Toronto and Don’t Get “Low-Balled” and Lose Thousands

Newmarket landlords are happy this summer of 2014 when we look at how prices of residential houses are appreciating fast and selling for high prices.

One Realtor even told us “Newmarket is the new Richmond Hill” when it comes to prices.

And why not? Newmarket has been designated under the provincial governments “Places to Grow Act” as an area that will see substantial economic and population growth.

How To Choose A Realtor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Newmarket Rental Property?

Are you thinking of selling your Newmarket rental property?

Be careful! If you are make sure you choose the right real estate agent to sell it for you and look beyond Newmarket in your choices.

The MLS system real estate agents use keeps non-agents blind to the prices of sold units. This is part of a huge lawsuit currently with the Competition Bureau of Canada.

If you could see what prices are selling for you would be amazed!

There is a huge price difference between rental properties being sold on the same street!

Our research has shown that some Newmarket Realtors are listing and selling rental properties too cheaply for the current marketplace.

Meanwhile, landlords who list with Richmond Hill or Toronto Realtors are often selling at much higher prices!

If you want to sell, make sure you get a copy of all the “solds” in the area before choosing on a real estate agent.

Don’t let them under-value your property in order to sell it fast (and for a fast commission!)

Toronto Buyers Are Investing In Newmarket

We also recommend you list with a Richmond Hill real estate company because they know the “Toronto market” and know that Toronto buyers will pay a premium for rental properties that cash-flow.

148 Longford Drive, Newmarket ON

Did you know that 148 Longford Drive sold for $421,500 in May, 2014?

Yes, that’s right…a rental on Longford Drive.

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON

This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it’s in the “patch”.

710 Sunnypoint Drive, Newmarket ON

This property with a basement apartment sold for $460,000 in July!

Don’t Let A Real Estate Agent Undervalue Your Rental Property in Newmarket

We’ve also heard of cases where property that could have sold for over $400,000 were listed in the low $300,000s on the advice of a Newmarket real estate agent.

List With Richmond Hill or Toronto Realtors Over Newmarket Realtors

One real estate brokerage that we hear keeps getting top prices for Newmarket rental properties is called “Right At Home Realty Inc. Brokerage.” They are based in Richmond Hill and their number is 416-391-3232

We have no association with them, only keep hearing they stomp the local Newmarket real estate gang in getting top dollars for sellers.

Selling Your Newmarket Investment Property?

Don’t be low-balled by local Newmarket Realtors.

Shop around and look to Richmond Hill or Toronto.

Make sure you make a called to brokerage such as Right At Home Realty Inc. at 416-391-3232 and other Richmond Hill and Toronto based real estate agents to get the best price for your rental property.

Newmarket Landlords – If you are selling your Newmarket Rental Property make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Don’t get tricked by people who want you to sell low so they can sell fast…or sell to a friend and make a huge profit off you. Contact real estate agents in Richmond Hill and Toronto for the best listing price!

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Aurora Landlords and Newmarket Landlords – Tenant Credit Checks for $10 Per Check

June 14th, 2014 · Aurora landlords, Newmarket landlords, Tenant Credit Check

Are you an Aurora landlord? Do you own rental property in Newmarket? Start Running Tenant Credit Checks for Only $10 Per Check! Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants!

Every landlord wants to rent to good tenants.

It can making investing in rental property in Newmarket or Aurora a great way to build up your net worth and a highly rewarding experience.

What happens if you don’t rent to good tenants?

The recent story in the Toronto Star about Toronto landlord who is facing a “Tenant from Hell” is essential reading for small landlords.

It’s about a tenant who is charming when she first meets a landlord. Once she moves in she stops paying rent and makes the landlord’s life miserable for months by using the system to avoid being evicted.

What makes a tenant a ‘good tenant’?

1. Good tenants pay the rent on time

2. They respect your property and treat it with care

3. These good tenants follow the terms of the lease you agree to

4. In a multi-unit building good tenants don’t bother or disturb others also renting there

5. Good tenants provide proper notice and follow the laws

Every landlord wants to rent to a good tenant.

Why are there so many landlord horror stories in Newmarket and Aurora?

We talk to landlords in Newmarket and Aurora all the time.

Landlords are often complaining the rules for landlords aren’t fair for small landlords. 

One of the most common complaints is that tenants don’t provide proper notice when they move out.

Another one is tenants leave lots of garbage and damages behind when they move.

Tenants often argue and fight with other tenants.

Some tenants simply refuse to pay rent to the landlord!

Landlord and Tenant Board Hearings Are Always Busy in Newmarket

Aurora landlords and Newmarket landlords having difficulty with their tenants will be scheduled to appear before an adjudicator at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Newmarket.

The Hearings are held in the basement conference room at the Best Western Voyageur Place Hotel located 17565 Yonge Street in Newmarket.

So why are Hearings at the Landlord and Tenant Board so busy?

In the majority of cases it’s because tenants won’t pay rent and landlords have to file at the LTB to try to evict them.

Anyone who has gone through the eviction process knows it can take months to evict a non-paying tenant and the entire system favours tenants and is biased against small landlords.

How Can I Avoid Bad Tenants?

The key is to always include a tenant credit check when you screen new tenants. You can learn more on the importance of credit checks at the Ontario Landlord Credit Check site.

How Can Newmarket Landlords and Aurora Landlords Run Credit Checks?

It used to be complicated and expensive to run credit checks on tenants. Not any more.

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee of $99.

That’s right, it’s a one time fee, not a yearly fee.

Once you are a member you can start doing premium credit checks for only $10/check!

Aurora Landlords and Newmarket Landlords – Start Running Tenant Credit Checks for Only $10 per Check and Rent to Good Tenants!

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Newmarket Landlords: How To Find Good Tenants

March 16th, 2014 · Landlord credit check, Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Landlord credit checks Ontario Landlords Association review

Make Landlord Credit Checks Part of Your Tenant Screening System with the Ontario Landlords Association!

The report in the Toronto Sun last December was shocking for landlords.

It was about a fire at 210 Cherrywood Dr. in Newmarket.

It’s a duplex with both the upper and lower units rented out.  This is typical for the area around Cherrywood (affectionately known by local residents as “The Patch”).

While the owner had a ‘no pet policy’ and the tenants agreed, firefighters found the tenant actually had 18 snakes in the lower unit of the property.

According to the Newmarket Era while the tenants were able to get out of the smoke ridden property, 16 of the 18 snakes died in the fire.

There are Bad Tenants Out There

This is an example of tenants who didn’t follow the rules in their lease and displayed no respect for the landlord and the rental property.

We’ve seen cases like this before.

There are tenants who know how to manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board and who don’t pay rent and leave the property with thousands of dollars in damages and garbage left behind.

It’s even more important for us because the Ontario system is on the side of the tenants.

For example:

British Columbia landlords can charge a legal one month damage deposit, we can’t.

Albert Landlords have not rent increase guideline and can raise the rent as much as they want.

Lot of Good Tenants Want To Rent From You…But You Need To Find Them

One of the most common questions we hear is how to rent to all the good tenants out there and avoid the professionals.

After all, landlords only want tenants who pay the rent on time, follow the lease, and don’t damage the property.

Tenant Screening

Newmarket and Aurora landlords should do careful screening of their potential tenants before giving them the keys to your rental property.

After all, would you rent your car to a stranger without knowing something about them?  No way.

You should check employment and reference.

You should also conduct a landlord credit check.

Landlord Credit Checks

A credit check the landlord does on a potential tenant will show you a window on the tenants financial situation and financial past.

It will show you things like:

1. Does the tenant owe anyone or any company money?

2. Where does the tenant work?  Where did they work before?

3. Are there any collections agencies chasing the tenant?

4. Where does the tenant live?  Where have they lives before?

5. Has anyone sued the tenant before…for things like not paying rent?

This is an essential tool to help you screen out bad tenants and rent to one of the great tenants out there!

You Can Do a Landlord Credit Check for Only $10 / check from your home computer

Before landlord credit checks were complicated and expensive. 

Not anymore.

Become a member of the Ontario Landlords Association and for a one-time sign up fee (no annual fees!) you can do landlord credit checks for only $10 / check!

These specially designed, legal landlord credit checks will give you the information you need to make a smart choice.

The landlord credit check will even give you a recommendation to the question “Should I rent to them?”

Make Landlord Credit Checks Part of Your Professional Landlord Screening System

The Ontario Landlords Association is excellent and provides you will all the services and tools you need to succeed for affordable fees.

Get your rental property profitable and on-track.  The first step is making sure you rent to great tenants!

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Newmarket and Aurora Landlords: Ontario Rent Increase Guideline 2014

January 5th, 2014 · Aurora landlords, Newmarket landlords, Rent Increase 2014

 Newmarket Landlords Aurora Landlords Rent Increase 2014

With A Low Rent Increase Guideline Newmarket and Aurora Landlords Must Be Careful and Screen Carefully in 2014

We wish all landlords in the area a happy New Year.

2013 was a challenging year for landlords

There were lots of opportunities in the past year.

However, anyone who has invested in Newmarket or Aurora residential rental properties know there were also some big challenges.

1. The Town of Newmarket created a program to register your accessory dwelling

Lots of people who have invested in quality rental properties in jumped at the chance to make sure they took part in the program to create safe and legal units for their tenants in Newmarket.

At the beginning it looked like the Town of Newmarket got it right.

After the province mandated all municipalities to create a way for landlords to ‘legalize’ their basement apartments, secondary suites, and in-law suites Newmarket seemed to get it right with their “N” plate program.

Then the problems started to become clear.

While lots of good landlords invested thousands of hard earned dollars to make their units ‘legal’ there were lot of others who didn’t bother and ignored the laws.

We were amazed that nothing was being done to enforce the bylaw.

Because of a lack of enforcement Newmarket is still filled with dangerous rental properties.

The Town of Newmarket seems to have their eyes closed as bad landlords ignore the law and laugh as nothing is done.

Lots of landlords who are true stakeholders in Newmarket are wondering what’s going on and look forward to the next election.

2. Lots of Bad Tenants Out There

You only need to take a drive through neighbourhoods that have rental properties.

What will you see?

1. Lots of vacant properties and boarded up windows

2. Large garbing bins (those big green ones) on the driveways as landlords clean up

3. Lots of “FOR SALE” signs in the area.

It’s because the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act favors tenants over landlords and there is a large group of tenants who abuse and manipulate the system.

We recommend all landlords and potential investors take a good look at the Ontario Landlords Association to learn what is happening with bad tenants.

New Challenges in 2014

You may have seen the report in the Toronto Sun.

Ontario landlords face a ridiculously low Rent Increase Guideline for 2014.

Newmarket and Aurora landlords can only raise the rent 0.8% in 2014

Many Newmarket and Aurora landlords think this is too low.

And not only in here.

Take a look at what some Ottawa landlords and some Barrie landlords have to say about the low rent increase.

With taxes going up so much in both Newmarket and Aurora this small increase comes nowhere near our growing costs.

Newmarket and Aurora Landlords 2014

Landlords have invested a lot of money in our towns.

We have challenges and with such a low rent increase guideline in 2014 these challenges are bigger than ever.

Make sure you screen your tenants carefully and voice your concerns to the government to make change.

We will continue to help landlords with news, advice and networking in 2014.

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Tenant Screening Newmarket – Tenant Credit Checks

November 29th, 2013 · Newmarket landlords, Tenant Screening

 Tenant Screening Newmarket Tenant Credit Checks

As the Town Grows Tenant Screening (Including Credit Checks) Is A Key Component to Becoming a Successful Newmarket Landlord

Newmarket landlords know investing in residential real estate in our town can be a profitable and rewarding experience.

As we wrote in our last blog Newmarket has been designated as what is called an Urban Growth Centre under provincial legislation know as the Places to Grow plan.

The Signs of Newmarket growing fast are everywhere

You can see the growth just by walking or driving around.

For example, the improvements to Davis Drive look to be finally coming to a conclusion.

South Lake hospital is becoming an important regional centre.

On the business front the Town of Newmarket won a Google eTown award for 2013.

Newmarket was one of only 5 cities or town to win the award which shows local business are using the interest in a positive and successful way.

Challenges for Newmarket Landlords Exist

Despite all the growth it’s not easy to being a landlord in Newmarket.

While there are lots of great tenants out there, like in the rest of Ontario there are also some not so good tenants as well.

If you want examples of what landlords all over Ontario face take a look at the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

Take a Drive Around Newmarket And Look Closely

Go down roads such as Longford Drive and Harrison Drive (some people call it the ‘Dog Patch‘) and look closely.

1. Devastated Houses

Houses with boarded up windows due to tenant destruction

2. Landlords and Investors Who Don’t Want To Be Landlords Anymore

All the ‘for sale’ signs in the area as investors want to get out of the landlord business

3. Garbage Bins

At the beginning of the month you will see those huge garbage bins in driveways as landlords need to spend thousands of dollars cleaning and repairing properties due to tenant damages.

You will also see lots of houses that obviously have an secondary unit or basement rental apartment (ADU) without having an “N” plate and being registered with the Town of Newmarket to ensure safety.

Sadly, the Town of Newmarket doesn’t care about unregistered, illegal rental units.

Tenant Screening

It’s not just the Davis Drive and Longford area where you can see evidence of landlords having challenges all over Newmarket and Aurora.

There are lots of bad tenants in Newmarket and they want to rent your property.

Renting To Good Tenants

There are lots of good tenants in Newmarket.

You just have to make sure you find them.

Experienced and successful Newmarket landlords know tenant credit checks are an absolutely essential part of a good tenant screening process.

You will be able to view a potential tenants complete financial history. And tenant credit checks don’t lie.

How Can I Do Tenant Credit Checks?

The Ontario Landlords Association gives residential landlords premium tenant credit checks for a low cost.

And you can do them in minutes from your home or office computer.

One bad tenant can cost you thousands of dollars.

Successful Newmarket and Aurora landlords make sure tenant credit checks are part of their screening process before they hand over the keys.

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Is Newmarket Taking Unregistered, Illegal Basement Apartments Seriously?

October 30th, 2013 · Newmarket Illegal Unregistered ADU's

Newmarket landlords town of Newmarket ADU

New Rules Promoted, But Readers Ask What is Being Done With Landlords Who Don’t Comply?

What a great place to live.

Newmarket landlords know our town (soon to be a city?) is a great place to live, work, play, raise a family and work in.

Newmarket has been designated as an Urban Growth Centre under the Province on Ontario’s Places to Grow Plan.

As Newmarket Grows More People Are Coming Here

We’ve seen fantastic growth in Newmarket over the years.

For us long-term residents we remember when Davis Drive was a dirt road.

In the 1970’s the Zellers store at Upper Canada Mall sold popular t-shirts with the words:

“Where the Hell is Newmarket, Ontario?” emblazoned on them.

They were a great gift for relatives in Toronto.

Newmarket in the 1980’s

Our town really started to grow and become know in the 1980s.

We were proud to have the pop band Glass Tiger reach international access and put us on the map.

We even had the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now the WWE) bring world class stars like Brett ‘the Hitman’ Hart come to the Twinney Centre and entertain thousands of kids.

As Newmarket Grows We Must Prepare Carefully

With new businesses and lots of more people choosing Newmarket as their home it’s important we create policies that will make our town great and prevent any set-backs.

Newmarket Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s)

This year the Town of Newmarket created a new policy for Accessory Dwelling Units.

This includes basement apartments, in-law suites, second suites or otherwise

We thought this was a good policy and the right approach.

Problems with Newmarket Rental Housing Policy

Since our post about the Town of Newmarket’s Accessory Dwelling Units policy we’ve received a lot of feedback.

Several Newmarket residents say if the landlord just ignores the laws…nothing happens!

Is Newmarket a Town Full Of Illegal Fire-Traps?

Several readers how told us they are actually afraid to live in Newmarket because of this.

One passionate reader says Ward 3 is filled with illegal basement apartments which are fire-traps.

She fears for the safety of her family. Illegal and unregistered basements apartments have led to fires, drugs and other crime in her area.

She said she contacted Ward 3 Councillor Jane Twinney for help.

Instead of taking the situation seriously, Jane Twinney didn’t really even care.

She said “call me” if you have a specific case.

We Need an Attitude and Policy That Makes Newmarket Better

We need to make sure good landlords are rewarded and bad landlords (who refuse to make their ADU up to code) are forced to either get up to code or be shut down.

To keep Newmarket on a strong path forward we need the Town and our elected officials to make sure these important issues are addressed.

If not Newmarket may be seen as it once was, a sleepy town with a sleepy do-nothing government.

Otherwise, the election in 2014 will make sure we bring in elected officials who do.

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Newmarket Landlords – Renting Out Your Safe, Legal Rental Property, N Plates and More!

October 1st, 2013 · Newmarket landlords

Newmarket landlords ADU register licensing

Registering Units A Must for Safety, Get Your N Plate Newmarket Officials Say

We all know the importance of safety when renting out our properties.

It’s important to have clean, safe units to attract and protect good tenants.

The Town of Newmarket realizes this and has created a system to register your accessory dwelling unit. It’s important to have safe units to make sure to avoid fires in your rentals.

It’s also good to be registered if you face other challenges from your tenants.

It’s also simply the right thing to do. Being a landlord is a business and you have a responsibility to offer tenants a safe and secure home.

Register Your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) In Newmarket

According to the Newmarket Era, Bylaw officers from Newmarket active this past summer.

Take a look at the picture above.

The Newmarket Bylaw officers visited, spoke with and left information at rental properties to explain the new rules.

The new rules apply to Newmarket landlords with:

-Basement Apartments

-In-Law Suites

-Secondary Suites.

These are all, according to the government, under the umbrella of the ADU.

What’s the Background To This?

Last Spring Newmarket Council came to an agreement that all property owners with an ADU needed to register their rental units. The cost would be a one time fee of $250.

According to mayor Tony Van Bynen:

“Registering your ADU is first and foremost a matter of health and safety…In a critical situation, responders need to know where the emergency is, who is affected and if everyone is accounted for.”

Some Concerns Were Raise About the System


Registered units are allowed six bags of garbage compared to a single family occupied home, which is allowed three.

There was some blow back to this. These bags are often stored at the front of the house where animals and the weather have the opportunity to spread the garbage around the street. Mr. Dowson asked council to consider stipulating garbage must be stored in a container.


Parking is another common problem with tenants parking on lawns or out in the street because units aren’t required to widen their driveways to provide the required four parking spaces for ADUs.

Newmarket Landlords Make Sure Your Properties Are Safe, Legal, and Registered.

Make Sure You Get Your “N” Plate Proving You Are Safe, Legal, and Registered.

Attract Good Careful Tenants

Getting registered is also a way to market your rental property. Good tenants want to rent safe homes.

Being registered is proof you care about your property and care about providing a safe rental space to tenants.

The Town Of Newmarket Has Provided A Way to Protect Yourselves and Your Tenants.

To Discuss This And Other Landlord Issues Go to the Ontario Landlords Forum

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Aurora and Newmarket Landlords Demand Change (and so do good tenants!)

September 12th, 2013 · Aurora landlords, Newmarket landlords

 Newmarket landlords Aurora landlords change

We keep hearing about difficulties both good landlords and good tenants face in the rental industry.

It’s clear Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board aren’t doing a good job.

Landlord Struggles

The problems good residential landlords in Ontario face never seem to end.

In fact, they seem to be increasing each month.

We read about Barrie landlords facing tenants who attack them. Either two times in one night or even with a broom-stick.

We read about tenants bringing illegal exotic pets into their rental units. And Windsor landlords have to evict after finding… 40 pythons in the unit.

We read about landlords doing repairs and maintenance on their buildings. They are investing money to improve their buildings. They are following the laws of the city … yet the Ottawa landlord faces tenants demanding rent abatement and fines.

We read about landlords providing pretty, safe, attractive, high quality properties to their tenants. When the tenants move out, the Ontario landlord finds the place a mess and destroyed. He has to go to Ontario Small Claims Court to try to seek justice.

It problems keep coming and coming. Sure, Alberta landlords have problems too but nothing like we see in Ontario.

Tenant Struggles

We also see good tenants struggling.

Because the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act is so anti-landlord and the Landlord and Tenant Board is often called the “Legalized Theft Board” because it allows non-paying and destructive tenants to stay without paying what they owe, many property investors have simply had enough. They don’t want to be landlords in Ontario anymore because it’s simply not worth it.

We saw how this had a huge negative impact on a nice Newmarket tenant who was looking for an affordable apartment in the area on the Barrie Landlords site.

The tenant was looking for something in her price range in a nice area. After weeks of looking she finally found something in Aurora by searching online.

After contacting the landlord online, they began back and forth communication. The landlord said he was in Italy because of a change of jobs and couldn’t meet the tenant. This ‘landlord’ asked her to send money in exchange for the keys.

Sadly, after the money was sent the keys didn’t arrive. Why? Because he was a fraud and not the real landlord. The good tenant was out fist and last months rent and even more funds to attempt to secure the rental apartment.

Things Need To Change

The current system hurts both good landlords and good tenants and needs to change.

To Discuss This And Other Landlord And Tenant Issues Go To The Ontario Landlord Forum

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