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Newmarket Landlords – Selling Your Rental Property?

August 4th, 2014 · No Comments · Latest News, Newmarket landlords, Selling Newmarket Rental Property

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON - This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it's in the "patch". It was sold by a Richmond Hill based real estate agent!

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON – This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it’s in the “patch”. It was sold by a Richmond Hill based real estate agent not a Newmarket real estate agent!

Newmarket Landlords – Make Sure You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Rental Property! Contact Realtors in Richmond Hill and Toronto and Don’t Get “Low-Balled” and Lose Thousands

Newmarket landlords are happy this summer of 2014 when we look at how prices of residential houses are appreciating fast and selling for high prices.

One Realtor even told us “Newmarket is the new Richmond Hill” when it comes to prices.

And why not? Newmarket has been designated under the provincial governments “Places to Grow Act” as an area that will see substantial economic and population growth.

How To Choose A Realtor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Newmarket Rental Property?

Are you thinking of selling your Newmarket rental property?

Be careful! If you are make sure you choose the right real estate agent to sell it for you and look beyond Newmarket in your choices.

The MLS system real estate agents use keeps non-agents blind to the prices of sold units. This is part of a huge lawsuit currently with the Competition Bureau of Canada.

If you could see what prices are selling for you would be amazed!

There is a huge price difference between rental properties being sold on the same street!

Our research has shown that some Newmarket Realtors are listing and selling rental properties too cheaply for the current marketplace.

Meanwhile, landlords who list with Richmond Hill or Toronto Realtors are often selling at much higher prices!

If you want to sell, make sure you get a copy of all the “solds” in the area before choosing on a real estate agent.

Don’t let them under-value your property in order to sell it fast (and for a fast commission!)

Toronto Buyers Are Investing In Newmarket

We also recommend you list with a Richmond Hill real estate company because they know the “Toronto market” and know that Toronto buyers will pay a premium for rental properties that cash-flow.

148 Longford Drive, Newmarket ON

Did you know that 148 Longford Drive sold for $421,500 in May, 2014?

Yes, that’s right…a rental on Longford Drive.

281 Silverbirch, Newmarket ON

This property sold for $458,500 in July. Yes, it’s in the “patch”.

710 Sunnypoint Drive, Newmarket ON

This property with a basement apartment sold for $460,000 in July!

Don’t Let A Real Estate Agent Undervalue Your Rental Property in Newmarket

We’ve also heard of cases where property that could have sold for over $400,000 were listed in the low $300,000s on the advice of a Newmarket real estate agent.

List With Richmond Hill or Toronto Realtors Over Newmarket Realtors

One real estate brokerage that we hear keeps getting top prices for Newmarket rental properties is called “Right At Home Realty Inc. Brokerage.” They are based in Richmond Hill and their number is 416-391-3232

We have no association with them, only keep hearing they stomp the local Newmarket real estate gang in getting top dollars for sellers.

Selling Your Newmarket Investment Property?

Don’t be low-balled by local Newmarket Realtors.

Shop around and look to Richmond Hill or Toronto.

Make sure you make a called to brokerage such as Right At Home Realty Inc. at 416-391-3232 and other Richmond Hill and Toronto based real estate agents to get the best price for your rental property.

Newmarket Landlords – If you are selling your Newmarket Rental Property make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Don’t get tricked by people who want you to sell low so they can sell fast…or sell to a friend and make a huge profit off you. Contact real estate agents in Richmond Hill and Toronto for the best listing price!

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