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Newmarket Landlords: How To Find Good Tenants

March 16th, 2014 · No Comments · Landlord credit check, Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Landlord credit checks Ontario Landlords Association review

Make Landlord Credit Checks Part of Your Tenant Screening System with the Ontario Landlords Association!

The report in the Toronto Sun last December was shocking for landlords.

It was about a fire at 210 Cherrywood Dr. in Newmarket.

It’s a duplex with both the upper and lower units rented out.  This is typical for the area around Cherrywood (affectionately known by local residents as “The Patch”).

While the owner had a ‘no pet policy’ and the tenants agreed, firefighters found the tenant actually had 18 snakes in the lower unit of the property.

According to the Newmarket Era while the tenants were able to get out of the smoke ridden property, 16 of the 18 snakes died in the fire.

There are Bad Tenants Out There

This is an example of tenants who didn’t follow the rules in their lease and displayed no respect for the landlord and the rental property.

We’ve seen cases like this before.

There are tenants who know how to manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board and who don’t pay rent and leave the property with thousands of dollars in damages and garbage left behind.

It’s even more important for us because the Ontario system is on the side of the tenants.

For example:

British Columbia landlords can charge a legal one month damage deposit, we can’t.

Albert Landlords have not rent increase guideline and can raise the rent as much as they want.

Lot of Good Tenants Want To Rent From You…But You Need To Find Them

One of the most common questions we hear is how to rent to all the good tenants out there and avoid the professionals.

After all, landlords only want tenants who pay the rent on time, follow the lease, and don’t damage the property.

Tenant Screening

Newmarket and Aurora landlords should do careful screening of their potential tenants before giving them the keys to your rental property.

After all, would you rent your car to a stranger without knowing something about them?  No way.

You should check employment and reference.

You should also conduct a landlord credit check.

Landlord Credit Checks

A credit check the landlord does on a potential tenant will show you a window on the tenants financial situation and financial past.

It will show you things like:

1. Does the tenant owe anyone or any company money?

2. Where does the tenant work?  Where did they work before?

3. Are there any collections agencies chasing the tenant?

4. Where does the tenant live?  Where have they lives before?

5. Has anyone sued the tenant before…for things like not paying rent?

This is an essential tool to help you screen out bad tenants and rent to one of the great tenants out there!

You Can Do a Landlord Credit Check for Only $10 / check from your home computer

Before landlord credit checks were complicated and expensive. 

Not anymore.

Become a member of the Ontario Landlords Association and for a one-time sign up fee (no annual fees!) you can do landlord credit checks for only $10 / check!

These specially designed, legal landlord credit checks will give you the information you need to make a smart choice.

The landlord credit check will even give you a recommendation to the question “Should I rent to them?”

Make Landlord Credit Checks Part of Your Professional Landlord Screening System

The Ontario Landlords Association is excellent and provides you will all the services and tools you need to succeed for affordable fees.

Get your rental property profitable and on-track.  The first step is making sure you rent to great tenants!

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