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October 1st, 2013 · 2 Comments · Newmarket landlords

Newmarket landlords ADU register licensing

Registering Units A Must for Safety, Get Your N Plate Newmarket Officials Say

We all know the importance of safety when renting out our properties.

It’s important to have clean, safe units to attract and protect good tenants.

The Town of Newmarket realizes this and has created a system to register your accessory dwelling unit. It’s important to have safe units to make sure to avoid fires in your rentals.

It’s also good to be registered if you face other challenges from your tenants.

It’s also simply the right thing to do. Being a landlord is a business and you have a responsibility to offer tenants a safe and secure home.

Register Your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) In Newmarket

According to the Newmarket Era, Bylaw officers from Newmarket active this past summer.

Take a look at the picture above.

The Newmarket Bylaw officers visited, spoke with and left information at rental properties to explain the new rules.

The new rules apply to Newmarket landlords with:

-Basement Apartments

-In-Law Suites

-Secondary Suites.

These are all, according to the government, under the umbrella of the ADU.

What’s the Background To This?

Last Spring Newmarket Council came to an agreement that all property owners with an ADU needed to register their rental units. The cost would be a one time fee of $250.

According to mayor Tony Van Bynen:

“Registering your ADU is first and foremost a matter of health and safety…In a critical situation, responders need to know where the emergency is, who is affected and if everyone is accounted for.”

Some Concerns Were Raise About the System


Registered units are allowed six bags of garbage compared to a single family occupied home, which is allowed three.

There was some blow back to this. These bags are often stored at the front of the house where animals and the weather have the opportunity to spread the garbage around the street. Mr. Dowson asked council to consider stipulating garbage must be stored in a container.


Parking is another common problem with tenants parking on lawns or out in the street because units aren’t required to widen their driveways to provide the required four parking spaces for ADUs.

Newmarket Landlords Make Sure Your Properties Are Safe, Legal, and Registered.

Make Sure You Get Your “N” Plate Proving You Are Safe, Legal, and Registered.

Attract Good Careful Tenants

Getting registered is also a way to market your rental property. Good tenants want to rent safe homes.

Being registered is proof you care about your property and care about providing a safe rental space to tenants.

The Town Of Newmarket Has Provided A Way to Protect Yourselves and Your Tenants.

To Discuss This And Other Landlord Issues Go to the Ontario Landlords Forum

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